Here are a few scale pics of some of the individual items for your viewing pleasure.  This was by far the most difficult piece I’ve worked on…….curves and symmetry, curves and symmetry, curves and symmetry, curves and symmetry, DAMN CURVES AND SYMMETRY!!!!!!!!!!  I had to do a good handful of these multiple times just because something wasn’t quite symmetrical or there was a slight dip or bump in a curve.  BUT, in the end, I think it came out great and I learned a whole lot as well due to how challenging and different it was.

*a fun tidbit: out of all the items I’ve done, on average, a single item will have about 30-40 individually cut pieces, but the Moon Power Tiare had 125+ individually drawn and cut pieces………….it was a nightmare.



i cant breahte


She is so stupidly cute


can u see my undereye circles i hope not


I’ll become a different magical girl than all of you. If I were to die, it would be when I am no longer able to kill witches. In other words, there’d be no need for me anymore.

That’s fine, then.

(full view please)


Found this sweater on sale couldn’t resist it so i bought it ; u ;
Sweater: H&M
Skirt: Sheinside
Tights: Taobao


small update: found a few extra PRETTY BOY shirts and put them up in the shop! 




HE JSUSUT SHTIIS VOIEOELT NTY LLYT OANNDM?! ??!? !)R#)(RI )$#RI ()#R ()IROJFIEJ IGFJ$EGIJ#( TRJ)@RJ()JRKLWKF FANNND IDMD MTHJSESAM HEH HEISDJ DIEM MCIOICIRJRJ $RHIUH#RT*H#R UIJKEG FIGWQ RWQ:RLKQLRKO:QRIP(IR(IR)IKFIMREKKF KL TÔI cười như đĩa لا استطيع التوقف عن الصراخ مثل يسوع المسيح  오 내가 그대로 이유가 똥 거룩한 하나님을 어떤 일이 일어나고 있는지 숨을 쉴 수없는 뇌졸중 데 오, 맙소사 사람이 이런 세상에 이런 사람이 오 사람 아 사람 ああ、私は文字通り理由がある船尾の神聖な神に何が起こっているのか息ができない脳卒中を抱えていますなんてこった男聖なるくそああああああ男男男

homie laughed himself asian



Wasn’t sure what socks you wanted to see in shoes anon so :’D

Restocked these and the pink lacey cat socks <3 ^o^ I kept a pair of each for myself this time around :’D


I haven’t been posting much…So here is some MOON!